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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


      There was this lonely 3 year old girl, she lives with her mom and with her step-dad. The step-dad is very abusive, the mother tries to stop it but the husband says if she keeps trying to prevent it from happening then he'll leave her and never will see him again. Karin is really afraid to let this happen because he always give her money to do groceries and other needs.One Friday night the husband hit's the child and she started crying and screaming up her lungs and the mother told him stop but he didn't listen. The mother told him to stop and then Jean started threatening the mother with hurtful words, five seconds later the girl started sprinting to her room crying.

        Hour later everything got so silence and more scarier. Karla was under her pillow trying to kill herself and never fell pain any more. She was so thinking to run away and never see him again. The window was so attempting telling her to escape from all the problems and live free. So that is what she did climbed out of the room and leave everything behind memories and sorrows. It was twelve thirty sprinting across the backyard and pushing the black gate and trying to on lock it tears of sweat going down her back.And never knew about her or her parents.

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  1. Hi Giselle! My name is Derkesha Dale and I enjoyed reading your blog post. This is a sad story and I dislike it when children have to go through any kind of abuse. Although I did notice that there were a few misspelled words and sentence fragments used throughout this post. Be cautious with the use of those. Overall, the story was great!