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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Internet Safety

Let's talk about Internet safety safety has to be safe and fun to use. If you have Facebook the best thing to do is not post pictures of your body, nude. Sometimes your friends can post pictures of you on Facebook or they can put it online that's why you have to be careful of who you give pictures to even if your boyfriend.

I used to have this friend she was outgoing. She had Facebook and she gave three pictures of her being nude.They were having difficult times with each other, they were almost three years together . Seventh grade to high school . She also thought that he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. then they broke up and like 3 months later he posted her nude pictures and she now learned her lesson and never gave anyone nude pictures of herself.

I got the idea of writhing this story by watching videos from  .


  1. I like the way you tell what not to do, then give and example of what would happen if you did that. Also I thought you said two girls and how can two girls break up with each other? Or is there a guy in it too?

  2. If I did that I would be so embarrassed at my self!!! but same time want to beat him up for doing that. No, the boy was the one who broke up with her not the girl.

  3. Giselle I think this is an excellent story about internet safety!
    Your right, you should be careful because once its on the internet anyone can see it!
    - Abby :)

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